383 Cam Kit And Lifters

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Rick Blose, Jamestown, NY, 1965, Plymouth, Belvedere, 383

My Belvedere has a ’66 383 in it and the cam went bad. Ihave a new 1970 440 crane cam kit I’d like to put in it but I was told I’dhave to buy new lifters because they’re different in ’67 and older 383s. Isthis true?


First of all, although your phrase “cam and kit” makes me think that youprobably have this covered, let me just reiterate: A new camshaft mustalways be accompanied by new lifters.

The basic answer to your question is: Yes. The lifter and pushrod designchanged in 1968 (and remained unchanged until the B-engine’s 1978 demise)with the oddball exception of the low-taper 440-6 cams. The ’67-downpushrods had a smaller bottom tip, and the lifters had a correspondinglysmaller receptacle.

The clear choice, however, is to retain the kit’s ’68-up lifters and simplyget a set of the “new” design pushrods. Lifters usually cost at least asmuch as pushrods, anyway, and by doing this you’ll be making a worthwhileupgrade at little of no added cost.


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