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If you were looking for “Mopar Action Goes To Rehab,” you’re on the wrong page.

As you may have heard, the Mopar Nats is big. How big? Well, big enough for us to send two staffers to attend: The Polish-speaking-only Brunt Bros. (they count as one) and The Harris Pub & Co night janitor, Mel Coznowski (he counts as one, too) to translate for them. After mistakenly checking into the Moopar Nationals Cow Show, the Brunts, with their translator in tow, finally figured out the difference between cows and cars, and arrived, tired, soiled and surly (their usual state of affairs) at the big Mope event. Unfortunately, Coznowski had to return to his janitorial duties at The Harris Pub before he could complete his translation chores, so we apologize for the un-translated portions on this page. We hope to correct this at a future date.

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This time capsule 1971 Challenger SS/D drag car wears lightweight fenders that were obtained, back in the day, from Billy “The Kid” Stepp, after Billy went to Pro Stock and had to swap his metal fenders for fiberglass. The only change to this car is an auto trans, so it now runs in SS/DA.

Darryl Scott’s ’65 Plymouth Belvedere modified, was a standout in the GTX/Belvedere display. Wrapped in custom Tangelo Pearl paint, the Bel packs a ’69-vintage 440 that’s boosted with an 8-71 Littlefield alcohol race blower. A 10-point cage keeps it all from folding up when Darryl gets on it. He has 4.30 gears out back, as well as a ‘chute to intimidate all the rice rides out there, and as an added safety feature in case he drives off a cliff.

Jeremy Steinman shows us what can (and maybe shouldn’t) be done with a 300C SRT-8. His 426” stroker Hemi packs a Power Ported Performance engine package that includes their Race Warrior cam, Stage 2 CNC-ported heads, polished intake, headers, high-flow cats, Corsa exhaust and a PPP 170 HP shot nitrous fogger. Naturally aspirated, Darryl gets 490 ponies at the wheels.

There was plenty of pink at the udder Nats (Moopar Nats cow show), but the Mopar Nats had one of only two factory ’68 Playmate Pink AMXs (special order paint code 00). This X came with the 390 V8, A/C, and GO package. It was in storage for 20 years after being abused (the car abuser is still serving time for his offense and is listed in the National Directory of Car Abusers). The AMX was rescued and restored in 2005 by Scott and Marlene Campbell, of Medina, OH.
Bet you didn’t know that they made a 1936 Viper. We didn’t know either, until we saw this “36 Viper” at the Nats. Based on a handbuilt replica of a ’36 Auburn Boattail Speedster, the car packs a 460 HP Viper aluminum crate motor, and it has more snakes inside than “Snakes on a Plane.”

Now here’s how we like our PT Cruiser—stock on the outside, and a smallblock inside.

The GTX/Belvedere salute had this mini patriotic display: Red, White, White, White and Blue (hey, they almost got it right).
The Car Corral (some called it the Rust Roundup) offered this ’64 Dodge 330 that was touted to be solid with the exception of the front floorboard. Gee, that hood doesn’t look too solid, but what do we know? A steal at $3,900.
This ’63 Chrysler 300 appeared to be a bit more solid overall. A California car, it was equipped with the 360 HP 413 4-Bbl. Asking price was $9,500.
We bet this guy gets his doors blown off on every run ‘cuz it’s only a Neon (OK, so he takes out the Yugos).

Another neat modified Bel in the salute section was Jim and Sherry Cross’ chromed out ’67.

If the smallblock PT didn’t float your boat, Bubba Carter’s Pirate Cruiser would certainly sink it. And you thought murals went out in the ‘70s with vans.


Smoke fans got a good lungful with the Nats’ world famous burn-out contest. We could fill an entire magazine with these smokies. Matter of fact, we’ll just do that for the next issue (less work for mother, and all).

This burn-out contestant could have won hands down, except for one thing: when the smoke finally cleared, he had completely disappeared, and was nowhere to be found.
Blotniki bylismy obowiazek od ten wóz strony rozcinanie w ten swapmeet.
Robert L, and Betty S. Snotzbooger were the winners of the Mopar Action-sponsored “Stuffed Elephant on a Hemi Air Cleaner.” Competition was stiff, and as always, this Mopar Action event drew huge crowds. Great going, Bob and Betty!

Our favorite was this immaculately restored ’47 Willys with a 440 longram. But then, as we’ve said, our favorite tunes are Lawrence Welk polkas (uh one and uh two…).

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