’71 Challenger 440 Or 426 Swap

Tech Question


Dave Jenkins, Aiea; HI, 1971 Dodge Challenger

Hello! My Dad finally gave me his 1971 Challenger, that I’ve been asking for since before I could even drive. I even marked it when I was about 10 years old (5 or 6 cigerette lighter burns on the back of thepasenger seat). My question is this: it has a stock 318, I want to go with a 426 or a 440. If I decide to drop in a 440 do I need to change the K-member? Thanks and Aloha, Dave



No. Lots of other stuff needs to change – lots. But the K-member isn’t oneof them, unless you want the correct skid plate to protect the deeper oilpan that you should use.


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