Computer For Supercharged 408

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doug caster, louisville, KY, 1970 Dodge Charger 408?

Ultiamtely, I want a stroked 360 Magnum, centrifugallysupercharged, to install in my Charger. My question is, will I be betteroff, in terms of headaches recieved, to put the whole factory Magnumcomputer and wiring harness into my Charger, then stroke it and add thetruck supercharger kit – OR – to stroke it, apply a supercharger kit and ablow-through carb or Pro-jection fuel injection kit? I want to drive the caron the street, so I want it well-mannered. I was just concerned on using thefactory computer and injection with both the stroker kit and a supercharger;I wasn’t sure if it would produce poor results.

Thanks for the techarticles, I’ve been waiting about 10 years for someone to start writingabout putting magnum systems into older cars!



Ultimately, I think you’ll be way WAY ahead if you use a ‘standalone’user-programmable SMPI computer system, such as FAST, Accel, AEM, etc. Thefactory and/or MP setup have no user-programmability and littleadaptibility, plus they can’t even read a positive-MAP sensor. You bereduced to rice-boy type tricks, such as a “9th” injector, boosting fuelpressure, etc., to get the A/F ratios even in the ballpark. You could stilluse the MP manifold, stock fuel rails, etc., to simplify (and reduce costof) the swap.


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