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Bryan Allard, East Burke, VT, 1970, dodge, Charger Daytona, 426

We are having a dispute over the Plymouth SuperBird andthe Dodge Charger Daytona. My roommate says that that they are different.My friend says that they are the exact same car only with different bodylines and name plates? I’d put money on my roommate, but I really dont wantto get into this much more.

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It all comes down to semantics – what is meant by “different”?

First of all, the Daytona was a ’69, and the ‘Bird was a ’70.

The are certainly not the exact same car. They don’t share so much as onesignificant exterior body panel – not one! The Daytona was a tad moreaerodynamic, with a coefficient of drag of 0.29 (The SuperBird was 0.31.)The noses, wings, doors, hoods, quarter panels, bumpers, etc., etc. are alldifferent and non-interchangeable.

But under the skin, they are both Mopar B-bodies. Put ’em up on a lift, andyou’d be hard pressed to see any difference (unless you can spot theinch-longer rear floor pan [and wheelbase] on the Dodge).

So I guess, based on your wording, the roommate is closest to being right.


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