Big Three Oh – Mopar Action Article Extra

Photos by TheBruntBros

(TheBruntBros use and endorse Kodak’s 1934 model box camera exclusively. The camera is graciously rented out to them on a day-rate by the Harris Publications Photo Dept. A deposit is required).

“Don’t trust anyone over 30,” the saying goes—or went, back in the day. We don’t know if that applies to the Mopar Nationals, but be that as it may, the “Nats” still hold the premier spot on the Mopar calendar. The 2010 edition, held at the usual venue –National Trail in beautiful Columbus, Ohio, The event featured warmer than usual temperatures, if you keep track of Columbus weather, so winter coats, down vests and earmuffs were better left in your hotel room.

The event itself featured all the activities traditionally associated with the Nats. Another Mopar magazine highlighted a punchout between two individuals as their main focus on the Nats, but we left that incident to be reported on by our sister publication, “Punch Your Lights Out” magazine. We figured the cars would be of more interest to our readers and viewers. So, here they are, along with less-than-memorable images of the 2010 Mopar Nationals.

Freelance photographer Paul Stenquist took these overall shots of the Nats through his new high-tech smoke filter. He said it was the latest craze in photography.

Here are a few for you burnout contest freaks. Diesels are popular here as they offer twice the pollution (black exhaust and white tire smoke) as compared to conventional gas-burners.

Swapmeet action was brisk, although the young lady in this photo seems to have a problem with the transaction in progress.

As you can see, the aftermarket (under Chrysler license) has done an outstanding job in repopping this hood prop rod.

This guy cracks us up—all those American flag symbols supporting his wares that are made in China or other Asian sweat shops.

This is neat—a realistic-looking faux steel chrome “bumper” for the LC Challenger. Wakes up the front end with a bit of ‘70’s nostalgia.

Everyone thought editor Gromer was out of his mind when he came up with a “rubber chicken in lieu of a T-shirt for Mopar Action subscription renewal.” Much to everyone’s surprise, the chickens were a big hit and sold out in no time flat. This was one of the lucky subscribers who walked away with a collectible heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation (or just thrown to the family dog).

One of the more interesting cars for sale in the car corral was this restored 1970 Plymouth Super Bird that came with the wing adjustment wrench.

Oh No! Mopar Action was all out of rubber chickens!

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