E58 360 Hop Up

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Matthew Reimers, Hamburg, MN, 1978 Aspen Super Coupe 360

Out of the factory, the Super Coupe’s E58 360 only put out175 HP, obviously they had to try hard to make it that much of a slob toonly crank out 175! What is a good way to let it out out much, with it stillbeing a practical car? Is there ways I can hop it up easily andinexpensively?


Matt, it responds well to the usual hopups!

The heads suck, but, still, 225 or a bit more (net) HP is pretty easy:

  • headers or early 340 exhuast manifolds and decent dual exhaust (at least2.25″, gonna need to be side exits in front of the wheels)
  • Early 340 cam and springs (If you got “hotter” than this you’ll wantsteeper axle gears and a higher-stall torque converter)
  • Minor porting & cleanup / backcut intake valves / plug and smooth out airinjection “humps” etc
  • Slight head mill (not over 0.020″)
  • Lean Burn in garbage – MP ign. setup
  • Tear out air cleaner silencer baffle
  • Carb (with minor rejet and rework for vac advance use) and intake (withegr blockoff) are fine!

You should probably consdier a mild shift kit in the 727, mainly to raiseupshift RPM. The rest of the drivtrain will be fine.


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