W2 Smallblock

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curt schroeder, ashcroft, BC, canada, 68 dodge dart 360

what is a W-2 smallblock? I have no idea. I read about itin the Green Brick article and thought it would suit my Dart.


Curt, it’s simply any smallblock Mopar that has had MP’s W-2 heads boltedon.

W-2’s were the first really high-flow factory heads for the smallblock,there were basically a result of the late-1970’s Pro Stock program. Theirmain claim to fame were totally revised ports, and a unique intake manifoldbolt pattern (requiring special rocker arms.) W-0 refers to the original1968 340 “X” head, and W-1 is generally taken to mean “J” castings where thepushrod holes have been relocated to allowing removal of the pushrod tunnel”lump” in the port. The “W” series has progressed continiously, to the pointwhere some of the newer designs barely look like a Mopar head.

Today, while there’s lots of better flowing heads out there, the W-2’scast-iron ruggedness keep them in contention where long-term durability isimprotant (read: street, endurance racing, etc.)


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