’72 GTX “prototype”

The story so far: In a nutshell, the Beineke’s came across a treasure trove of factory concept photos for the never-built ’72 GTX (the ‘X was, after ’71, relegated to option-package status). Like most factory styling prototypes, clay models, etc., several ideas are shown, and the team makes choices. Well, the photos showed two possible locations for some gills, vents, or louvers: The front fender top, or the lower front section of the rear quarters. For reasons only known to the Beinekes, they decided to build their ’72 GTX “prototype” with both sets of louvers. We think that was a mistake – cluttering the car’s otherwise streamlined appearance.

For your viewing pleasure, we are providing here both versions. You decide. If you agree with us, you can bitch them out at 71wingcars.com , if you agree with them, just keep it to yourself.

For the whole in-depth story, be sure to pick up the October, 2009 issue of the World’s Best Automotive Publication.

– R.E.

Here’s a pix of the ‘X a few weeks before it was finished. As you can see, the wheels are just “rollers”, the backlight louvers are not installed, and neither are the quarter louvers. We like it this way.

At the top is the way the Beinekes finished the car. On the bottom, we’ve electronically removed the fender gills. What say you? (Either way, whatever is dangling from the rear suspension’s gotta go. Looks scary).

Another similar Photoshop’d comparo. We did a lousy job on this one – the quarter panel isn’t really full of Bondo. Still, we like it lots better without the carnival-look second set of slits.



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