THE FACE OF EVIL – Mopar Action Article Extra

Who can resist that lovable blood red ’58 Plymouth Fury featured in that lovable feature fil “Christine.” Joe Caldwell couldn’t, so he had to build one of his own using as many genuine Christine movie car parts as possible. So far, Joe’ car hasn’t killed anybody yet (although it nearly killed him—practice makes perfect), but the day is still young, as they say. Joe added a ton of features that the real Christine wished she had. It’s all in our February issue. Here are some more photos shot by ace lensman Bill Erdman, plus a folder of restoration pix supplied by Joe. Also shown is the car’s debut parked by the Beacon Theater where they showed the film.

Joe puts on his own big Mopar show featuring Christine and a ton of other cars. Joe is friends with some of the actors in the film. Here they are with Joe (top middle) attending his show.


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Joe arranged for Erdman to shoot the car at a swanky club in Westchester, NY. This is their famous fountain.


The actors signed the car in various places.


Joe’s Trunk Theater system plays “Christine” at car shows. The trunk is all done up in premium leather.


This is Columbia Pictures’ logbook for the Christine film.


Restoration Pix

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