’68 ‘Cuda Upgrade Ball Joints/Knuckles

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Ben Munford, Aylett, VA, 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 318

Hi Rick,
I have an A-Body front suspension question. I boughta 1968 Barracuda, rolling chassis, nicely painted shell. The steeringknuckle dimensions exactly match the ones from your website for 1973-76A-Body knuckles. The knuckles have sleeves welded into the upper ball jointmounts to make the knuckles fit the smaller 1968 ball joint stud andaccommodate the 1968 upper control arm. Could this modification be from areputable manufacturer and be safe? Or is the much smaller 1968 upper balljoint stud unsafe with disc brakes such that I need to throw the knucklesand upper control arms into recycling and start over with a different set ofknuckles and upper control arms?

Thanks, and you’re the best! Ben



Generally, welding on suspension components is discouraged.

The larger ball joint and stud that were introduced on 1973 disc-brake A-body cars was a response to the ever-increasing vehicle mass and wider / stickier tires, it also allowed commonality in the knuckles for A and E-body cars.

If driven in a sedate manner, or for a drag-only car, I think the setup you have would be fine. Driven aggressively, however, I’d sure rather have the larger ball joint stud. This is in the same realm as 4″ BC / 7/16″ wheel studs vs. 4.5″ BC / 1/2″ studs quandary. Are wheels dropping off small-bolt-pattern cars like flies? No. Is it a great setup? No.


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