Six Pack Sensations

Six Pack Sensations

Jim Bodanis’ Original Unrestored ’69½ Six Pack Super Bee—a closer look.

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Jim’s Bee shows a plethora of correct details. The ones shown here are in addition to those illustrated in the October ’08 issue article.

Original tires (like the detail of the original spare shown here) were G70-15 Goodyears. A set of five original G70s can go for over 15 grand today, so most owners either run F70-15 Goodyears or Firestone (Coker repops) G70s. There are no G70 Goodyear repros available.

Original trunk mat shows the factory part number on the underside.

Original jack instruction sticker differ slightly from the repops.

The inside trunk view of the marker light shows that an “X” was cut in the vinyl stripe over the marker light hole, and the marker light just jammed through, forcing the excess stripe vinyl through the opening. No attempt was made to trim the excess vinyl inside the trunk.

Inspection mark on door may have indicated that the door was adjusted.

Passenger side interior view. Everything here is unrestored original.

This is the correct sequence of the hardware for the hood pin assembly.

Original (frayed) fan belt showing the part number.

Positive battery cable strap points down. On Hemicars, the strap points up.

Driver’s side carb details. Note Delco-Remy idle solenoid. Yep, there’s a little bit of GM in every Six Pack.



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