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Mega Mopar Action Series – Extra Coverage


Hot weather didn’t stop the hot Mopes from invading Memphis International Raceway for the Mega Mopar bash.
Story and photos by Craig Wack

Drag Race Results Show Results

The sultry summer heat of an August afternoon in Memphis was hardly enough to keep the Mid-South’s die-hard Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth fans away. Everything from a 1936 D-2 Coupe to a fresh off the assembly line Hellcat made its way to the show.

Todd Johnson Best In Show and A-Body Modified winner with his ’69 Barracuda shared honors with his son Ron
who was A-Body Modified runner-up with his ’64 Valiant convertible.

For much of the afternoon it was a three-ring circus with cars racing autocross in one corner of the MIR grounds, show cars were getting shined up in another part and the drag strip was alive with activity all afternoon.

Several of the car show participants pulled double duty on the drag strip on Saturday afternoon.

Don Johnson of Southaven, Miss., saw his 2005 Dodge Ram Viper win the Truck/Van 94-up Modified class in the car show and he raced it to a runner-up finish in the Tuff Truck race. Clint Ducat of Memphis was a double winner. He took home trophies from the DOT Street class and the Hemi Challenge.

Ron Minton of Millington, Tenn., won the Bracket 1 competition in a 1966 Barracuda over Jim Griffith and his 1999 Dodge Avenger. The Bracket 2 winner Dennis Epperson of McKenzie, Tenn., drove his 1974 Duster to victory over Millington, Tenn.’s Herb Yellowdy and his 1979 Duster.

The crowd was also taken back in time thanks to the Mid Central Fuel Altereds which featured eight classic front engine dragsters that turned the clocks back in their quarter-mile runs.

Todd’s ’69 ‘Cuda.


Ron’s ’64 Valiant convertible.

Mega Mopar Action Bracket 1

Ron Minton, 68 Barracuda, 7.085 seconds at 94.26 mph on a 7.06 dial beat Ike Foster, 70 Challenger 6.541 at 104.27 mph 6.52 dial
Jim Griffith, 99 Avenger, 6.034 at 116.86 on 6.03 beat Scott Dauberger, 73 Duster, foul

Minton 7.073 at 94.56 mph on a 7.06 beat Griffith 6.083 at 115.57 mph on a 6.03.

Bracket 2

Dennis Epperson, 74 Duster, 7.336 at 92.48 mph on 7.33 beat Larry Layton, 72 Duster, 6.986 at 95.66 mph, 7.00 dial
Herb Yellowdy, 79 Duster, 7.145 at 96.05 mph 7.13 dial beat Neal Broyles 6.631 at 103.00 on 6.63 dial

Epperson 7.297 at 93.18 on 7.32 dial beat Yellowdy, foul

Charger vs. Challenger

Steve Linker, 11.698 at 122.28 11.65 dial beat Clint Ducat, 13.109 at 106.77, 12.90 dial
Brian Smith 14.524 at 96.36 mph 14.70 dial single run

Linker 11.888 at 122.29 11.65 dial beat Brian Smith 14.468 at 97.46 14.70 dial.

Tuff Truck

Michael Epperson 17.899 at 76.52 17.75 dial beat Don Johnson, foul

Street Mopar

Clint Ducat, 12 Challenger, 13.043 at 107.32 12.90 dial beat Ricky Reece Jr., 69 Dart, 10.856 at 123.08 11.00 dial
Kyle Jarrett, 08 Jeep SRT-8, 13.547 at 89.98 12.30 dial, single run

Ducat 13.119 at 106.77 on 12.90 dial beat Jarrett 13.544 at 100.02 on 12.30 dial

Hemi Challenge


Clint Ducat, 12 Challenger, 13.316 at 105.84 12.90 dial beat Brian Smith, 14 Challenger, 14.843 at 95.35 mph 14.70
Steve Linker 11.884 at 116.99 11.65 dial, single run

Ducat 12.998 at 107.52 mph 12.90 dial beat Linker 11.902 at 121.45 11.65 dial

Memphis Mega Mopar Car Show Results

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