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Ernie Frost, Silverton, ON, 1986 Dodge W150 360

Hi Mr. Ehrenberg, I have read many of your tech articles inthe past and I love them, and finally it is my turn to pick your brain. Ihave a 1986 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton 4×4, equipped with the 360. I want to find outwhat heads are on it and what are some of the stock head options I canchoose from (factory) that will give my 360 better performance. So wherewould the casting numbers be on the head and which heads are the best forstock? Thanks for your help and impatiently waiting for the newest issue.



The number is usually on a port runner (under the valve cover), but,assuming it is stock, the heads are junk.

Your options, in order of perf. Gains, are:

> 308 castings (89-92 360). Bolt on 100% as stock.
> ’92-02 Magnums. Requires oil-thru lifters, pushrods, and Magnum rocker
> arm setup, as well as magnum-pattern intake manifold EQ Magnum clones(avail. w/ LA bolt pattern if you wanna keep your existing manifold).


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