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Brian Yee, coquitlam, BC, canada, 1974 dodge challenger 440

Hi Rick, I am replacing my blown 742 3.91 geared pig with a489 3.55 set. My question is: When I replace the axles, to what torquevalue do I tighten the five 9/16″ nylock nuts to? I noticed that when Itook the axels [sic] out, the nylock nuts were tight, but not very tight.I’m wondering if there is a reason for that. And I’m wondering how would Ieven get a torque wrench in there! Thanks for your help. Brian.



The spec is 35 ft-lbs., the nuts are 3/8″ SAE thread, heavy pattern. There’san access hole in the axle flange that allows a socket (w/extension) to passthrough. They seemed loose because of gasket compression.

Some tips, even though you didn’t ask:

> Be sure to repack the wheel bearings (use grease needle).
> Be careful not to slice or nick the inner seals (replaced or not) whensliding the axles back in.
> Be sure to replace inner (steel) and outer (foam) gaskets.
> Torque right side adjuster until there’s zero play, then a bit tighter.
Start car (on stands), place in gear, “drive” a minute or so. Readjust untilyou can just feel some endplay…about 0.003 – 0.005″. Install lock pawl.


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