5.7L vs. 5.2L

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mark massey, clatskanie, OR, 1997 Dodge Dakot 5.2

Rich I pray that I’m not wasting your time here,us ole fartsdon’t have much time to waste.LOL

Here goes,,my wife and I bought our “97Dakota 5.2 Sport Truck new.It’s a stretch cab with a 5spd and has hadCastrol Edge full Synthetic oil in it since it’s 5,ooo mile oil change. Itnow is pushing 2,000,000 miles, I have no idea how long this engine canrun.??? What I’m thinking about is installing a 5.7 Hemi complete with it’scomputers if it is possible. We were looking, or hoping for some better MPGwith the Drop Cylinder computer. Sure hope I’ve not wasted your timeRich..Keep up the good work.



At 2 million miles, you’ve long since broken new ground!

the MDS 5.7L will improve mileage a bit, even more if you swap a 2009-upHemi with VVT. But the electronics is no easy task, for instance, gettingthe IP, air bags, etc. to function will be a PITA.

I think you’d be dollars ahead if you built a blueprinted 318, headers,Flowmaster Y, 92-93 exh. manifolds, 3” cat, low-rolling-resistance tires,tall gears, etc.


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