’78 360 2-Bbl Salvage or Scrap

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Calvin Hobbes, Newfane, NY, 1978 360 2 barrel

I have a 1978 360 2 barrel engine casting number4006830-360-3. The heads have numbers 4027596,0978 and AAWJ on them. Thisengine sat in a field for many years as it had an ignition problem and oneof the pistons melted. I not sure of the condition of the block withouthaving it inspected. Can you tell me even if the block is scrap, if theheads, rods and crank would be worth keeping for building another, or is itjust a late 70’s emissions dud?



It is pretty much junk. (The rods have a bit of value, that’s about it). Ifyou want a 360 to build, you are far better off starting with a well-worn(but not rusty or blown up) ’93-up truck (Magnum) engine. With a decentbuild, good manifold, cam, and headers, they can make about 400HP with adead-stock shortblock and heads – easily.


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