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Beating The Odds (and Ends)

David Moore from Tallmadge, OH, recently finished a 5-year restoration of his1972 Challenger Rallye. Here’s the short version of his 20-year story. The long version is available in a bound edition, about the size of the first three volumes of The Encyclopedia Britannica.

In 1986, Dave graduated from high school and bought his first car–a 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye, triple black, matching numbers, A/C car. Fairly nice, but it needed some work. Dave had to nickel and dime the car while he had it, because one day, after college, he had plans on restoring it. After 5 years, while still at college, his dad and step-mum, sold the car (don’t you hate when that happens?). When Dave came home from college and noticed that something was missing, he thought the Challenger was lost forever. (This is where we shorten the story) Fast forward to 2001, Dave, his wife and kids moved to a new town. Wouldn’t you know, he saw a 1970 Challenger for sale. With a bit of convincing from his wife, Dave took a look. Terry, the car’s owner, explained that the car was originally a 1972 Challenger. Terry liked the looks of the ‘70 more than the ‘72 so he changed the grille, tail and side marker lights. Dave found out that the owner before Terry had bought the car from his dad and step-mom. Needless to say, Dave bought the car and the rest is history.

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