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Mike Reed, Temple, TX, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda 318

Boss,Once again, I return to the Oracle: I scored an 8.25″and front disc with A-arm set-up from a ’73 Dodge Dart with towing package.Now have the big bolt pattern, large disc, large drum rear. Addingperformance poly bushings, shocks, front and rear sway bars to the 6 leafrear springs and larger torsion bars (Formula S). Frames are tied. Saidrear is supposedly 2.76:1 which I would prefer to keep for decent highwaycruising and RPM. A local shop is setting up the rear for me with a MotiveGear rebuild kit; in the deal I also picked up a Sure Grip for 8.25 that wasNOS. Sadly, said Sure Grip turned out to be for a Dana 30 ie: Jeep andlater model. No fittee! And no returns- an acquaintance.

Now, gotta make a choice: put the open leg spider gears back in for now or spring for muchodinero to get limited slip.

Eaton Truetrac or Mopar Performance Sure Gripif I do? Think of a simple fastback, show and go, with minor aspirations tomake nice corners for fun on twisty roads or around cones in a parking lot.As always, much appreciated.


I’d go with the TorSen diff (TrueTrack) in a nanosecond. And that 2.76;1gearset will be sweet, don’t be talked out of it!

Look back at the ScatDak series for diff setup hints…that axle is SUPEReasy to work on!

But….the rear sway bar might be overkill, inducing oversteer. Won’t reallyknow until you try it though.

Hopefully you scored the Dart’s spool-motor-mount, double-shear idler armK-member, too.


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