4.7 Oil Pressure

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michael hamilton, mount vernon, IL, 05 dodge dakota 4.7

I have 05 dodge Dakota 4.7l .the first thing I had was tachwas inop at times and oil light will flicker when hot . I took it to thedealer and had them replaced the cluster before I diagnosed the oil pressureproblem. I got vehicle back now the tach works but the oil light flickerswhen hot and with gauge hooked up and sending unit together. The lightstarts flicking at 9 psi at idle.

Any ideas?



Truthfully, 9PSI hot at idle isn’t all that terrible, as long as it comesright up the moment RPM is increased. Worried anyway? If you have confirmedthe oil pressure with a mechanical gauge, there’s a few things you can do(assuming the oil pump is OK)…

1. Try a heavier oil

2. Change the main and conrod bearing

3. If really high mileage, either a compete rebuild, or swap to abetter-condition junkyard engine.


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