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Joseph Allen, Greer, SC, 1973 Plymouth Duster 360

I am building a Duster with a 360 LA to run at local asphaltoval tracks in a hobby stock type division. Mopar Action back issues,especially those featuring the Green Brick have been very helpful in thisprocess.

You used a lawn & garden battery to save weight, and I want to dosomething similar. I am considering two different DEKA powersportbatteries. The EXT20L weighs 15 lbs and has 310 cca while the EXT30L weighs20 lbs and has 400 cca. The battery must be mounted in the heater boxlocation in the firewall. With the short battery cable length (as opposedto mounting behind the seat) and a mini-starter, will the 310 cca be enough?I’d really like to save an extra 5 lbs especially in the front of the car.
Thanks in advance, Joe



Yes, 310 CCA is plenty for your usage. “Back in the day”, 500 CCA was usedin mega-loaded late-’70s 440 cop cars that idled all day long and had tostart in -20 deg. f. temperatures. More mundane cars came with 300-350 CCA,and even those were expected to be Ok in sub-freezing temps.


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