’67 Fury C-Body Brakes

Tech Question


zach pokorny, watsontown, PA, 67 plymouth fury 318

Dear Mr Ehrenberg
il keep this short nut I justwanted to say u are my great hero u are a mopar god ive loved mopars sincethe age of 3 years old I was taught to hate phord and shevys and still donothing beats mopar muscle but my question is c body disk brakes.Now I canbuy a kit that doesn’t come with spindles do you not need to change thespindles on a c body? c body brakes are very confuseing please help me I sawit done on a Monaco and they didn’t change them so I don’t know just wantthe ins and outs on c body disk brakes thank you.



There are kits available that will use the OEM drum knuckles, in fact, Iwrote up an installation of one such kit (from scarebird.com) about fiveyears ago. These kits are a large improvement over drums, still, the factoryOEM setup is the best. “The” plan for ’65-72 C-bodies is to find a junk ’73and take everything between the control arms, this is included intinyurl.com/discswap .


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