’68 440 Dart Front Disc Swap

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Ben Munford, Aylett, VA, 1968 Dodge Dart 440

I own a 1968 Dart, 440, 727, originally 4-wheel drum. Ipurchased a 73-76 A-Body front disc brake set up by mail. I mounted theknuckles/spindles with the calipers to the rear of the control arms, becausestock 1968 disc brake calipers mounted to the rear of the control arms. Ifound out recently that the calipers should mount in front of the controlarms, so I have mounted my knuckles on opposite sides from original.

In e-mailing Jim Lusk at BigBlockDart.com and speaking to Fred at Master PowerBrakes, I found that both men say that the knuckles are reversible and Ihave done nothing wrong. But you are SAE and the guru of all things Moparso I look to you for the final answer. Is my ’68 Dart steering geometry OKwith the steering knuckles mounted on opposite sides from original?



The problem isn’t steering or suspension geometry, it is brake hose routing.All stock setups have the hose crossing the steering axis, which make life alot easier on the hose for several reasons. Your current setup can cause thehose to go taut or abrade — scary stuff. If you must stay with yourreversed setup for some reason, be absolutely sure that the hose is free andclear and not taut at any and all combinations of full lock steering L/R,and suspension travel full jounce /full rebound.

See https://www.moparaction.com/Tech/archive/disc-main.html — which youshould have done earlier.


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