400 Vs. 440 Block

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Ted Theroux, Smithfield, RI, 1964 Plymouth Belvedere TBD

I presently have a steel/forged 440 crank (not turned down)in good shape, a set of recondioned & bronze bushed 6-pak rods, andreconditioned, no-lead fuel ‘452 heads. I’d like to use them to build astrong street engine. I’m told a 400 vs 440 block would be better/strongerfor this application. Could you please recommend which years to use, whichto stay away from? Any block preps? Will use a 727 trans and higher stallconvertor. Thank you.



If strength is paramount, stay with the stock 440 configuration…better rodangularity / less skirt wear. Any year block except ’66 is fine…even 1978!

Just be sure your machinist has a deck (honing) plate. Beyond that, it is”engine building 101″. Stay with the stock 3/8″ NPT oil pickup, use “streethemi” 5/6-qt repro pan.

Could I talk you into a pair of 440source heads? Bolt on, cheap, lessweight, more power.


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