Win This Hemicuda! – Mopar Action Article Extra


Forget kissing up to the tooth fairy.
Here’s a better way of getting that ’70 HemiCuda of your dreams

Who wants to win a 1970 Hemicuda?

Raise your hand. OK, who
doesn’t want one? You guys
can skip to the next story.

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a 1970 HemiCuda. Enter our give-away and make that picture a reality.

Now back to you guys who want one:
listen up, because deals like this don’t
turn up every other Tuesday. Here’s the
skinny: Mopar Action has teamed up with
MyClassicGarage to co-promote giving away
a 1970 HemiCuda clone (what, you wanted
an original? Gedouttahere)

Entering the giveaway is easy. You don’t have to write in
25 words or more why you like Ehrenberg’s
hair. Or Gromer’s smart remarks. Or why you
miss Dan Gallo. Or your theory on whatever
happened to Tony DeFeo. ‘Course you can
always write to us on the aforementioned
topics, but that’ll have no bearing at all on
your chances to win.

As is usual with giveaways, there’s no cost
to enter, so even folks on unemployment
insurance can get in on the action. Here’s
how it works: Sign up for a free virtual garage
at and you are automatically
entered to win. Period. To get extra
entries you can:

  • Like” them on Facebook.
  • Invite friends to MyClassicGarage using
    the user’s unique link. Referrals must sign up
    and add a car to their garage.
  • For every real car you list in the
    MyClassicGarage Marketplace. (Businesses
    and dealers are ineligible.)

You can check out the official rules at And as we mentioned, it’s all free of charge.

While not required, we also encourage
you to mention Mopar Action in a favorable
light at parties, in the height of ecstasy during
those intimate encounters with a loved
one, or when talking to your pets or plants.

So who are these MyClassicGarage
folks? You can get the official version
without any of our wisecracks by visiting
their website: Here’s a condensed version: This free online resource for managing your car
collection lets you list cars for sale, share
your photos and videos, and have access
to knowledgeable experts in the hobby to
answer your questions, offer advice and
help with making wise purchase and sale
decisions. Here, you can sell your collector
Mope and parts without taking the 20-40%
hit that you take with auction houses,
dealers and some classified listing services.
The giveaway ’70’Cuda itself started
life as a 340 car and has been treated to
a $150K rotisserie restoration. Highlights
include: 426-cubic-inch Hemi that has been
professionally rebuilt with many high quality
components, power front disc and rear drum
brakes, new Legendary interior, professionally
rebuilt A833 18-spline 4-speed manual
transmission with a McLeod clutch, power
steering and 3.54 Dana 60 Sure-Grip.
You have to enter the giveaway in order
to win the Hemicuda. We’re not going to go
door-to-door asking if you want it. Sorry. Just
follow the Official Rules. The ‘Cuda will be
given away in a drawing on Dec. 20, 2013.

Beautiful high-impact Lime Light hue covers this ‘Cuda’s flanks. And green is the “in” eco-color these days.

Originally a 340 car, the ‘Cuda underwent a $150K rotisserie resto, making this a high-dollar automobile.

Shaker, wing and rear window louvers are desirable options and add to visual appeal. This ‘Cuda will turn heads. Rear is a 3.54 Dana.

Pro built drivetrain delivers the performance and reliability for hassle-free excitement.

Legendary interior complements the Tuff wheel and pistol-gripped 4-speed.

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