Top Gun ‘Cuda – Mopar Action Article Extra

Dave Marinoff’s ’71 6-Pack ‘Cuda was bought new by one of the flyboys at Miramar Air Force Base in the San Diego, CA area. Used and abused, the ‘Cuda was brought up to snuff with a restoration that earned the shiny red E-body a Gold Certificate at the 2009 Mopar Nationals. So instead of squinting at the teensy-weensy pictures of engine compartment details, you can now see them life size—or bigger if you wish—through the magic of electronic wizardry that we have no idea how it works

In a heart-warming and toe-curling story that you’ll have to buy the magazine to read, this ‘Cuda was reunited—by chance—with its original engine after 30 years of separation. Hey, we can make this stuff up, but usually we don’t.

While the ‘Cuda did score a Gold at the Nats, if you plan to use this engine compartment as a guide for your own restoration, be aware that the power steering cap should be painted black, and the master cylinder is the incorrect (early-style) unit, and the behind-the-grille blackout isn’t quite right. Otherwise, a very nice job.

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