The Chase – Mopar Action Article Extra

When our Aug. issue went to press, Wayne Jesel had indicted that he thought his top-end runnin’ Ram truck was undercarbureted and planned to do something about it. He did! Here’s his update:

“The engine now has a Wilson Manifold which is mostly billet and sheetmetal aluminum with two 1050 CFM dominators done by Book Racing Enterprises. The engine made 925 HP on the dyno and we are going back to run it on Penske’s chassis dyno. We had set the record in October to 190.75 and this time we reset it to 205.94mph. We do plan on running the truck again in May and June at Maxton and then get it ready for Bonneville in August.”

Since the engine went through the traps at the Maxton one mile drags at an RPM well under the engine’s HP-peak RPM, there’s plenty left. it could either go faster in the mile with a gear swap, or, as it sits, it’s probably geared for 225+ at Bonneville. Not bad for a stock-body pickup, smallblock, naturally aspirated, burning only gasoline!

Some parts-chaser, huh?

(Missed the story? You need the Aug., 2006 issue!)


NEWS FLASH, Aug. 22, 2006. Bonneville results: The Ram made 2 runs with the single 4 barrel and set a 2 run average record of 203.80 then we put the 2-4’s on it and made 2 runs for an average record of 224.08 mph. The fastest pickup ever. Gas or diesel. And it’s a Mopar!

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