STRIP FOR ACTION – Mopar Action Article Extra

By Nick Brunt
Translated from the Polish by Mel Coznowski, Harris Pub & Co Night Janitor
Photos by Craig Tanaka, Tim Marshall, James Drew, Ansel Adams & TheBruntBrosThere was a lot going on at the 2008 Mopars At The Strip in Ls Vegas. Good thing too, otherwise we’d have a lot of blank pages in the magazine. While that would help our bottom line, thanks to savings on ink, we felt our readers deserved better than blank pages—even though that option would allow them to add their own content and bad jokes.Lessee, where were we? Oh yeah, Mopars At The Strip. Like we said, good thing there was a lot going on. Too much, in fact, to squeeze into the palty number of pages that we hand-staple together every month to create what is loosely called in the industry, a “magazine.”Anyhow, we had these extra pictures that we couldn’t fit in the issue, that we’re bringing to you now as a bonus. And you can thank the web editor (whoever that may be this week) for this. Actually, these were pictures that had fallen on the floor and were overlooked when we put together the feature for the mag, and would have been included if we had bothered to look for them in the first place.

So, in the words of our immortal tech editor, we’ll let the photos (and captions when we can think of one) do the talking.

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Some of the action on the strip.

Ultimate Mopar
Bob Motz and his ’70 “Ultimate Mopar” (modified) Challenger.

Mopar Action’s pick of the show was Murray Lichty’s ’05 Yellow Fever SRT10 Ram. Murray cad-designed, modeled and fabricated his own 2-stage nitrous system, and beefed the motor to take the added HP. Add-ons include a VEC-3 Viper engine calibration computer, B&M shifter, Caltrac traction bars and home-fabbed a bed-mounted sliding tray to easily refill the nitrous bottles. He also modified the air filter housing to accept a K&N filter. Another feature, easily overlooked, is the bar he fabricated behind the seats to mount the safety harnesses.

Giveaway car winner was Cornelius Kelly
(jumping out of window), of Henderson, NV.

For Sale by owner—Dick Landy??
We don’t think so!

Additional shots of Pete Haldiman’s Richard Petty drag car clone.

The interior of the AF/X for sale for 125G.

Fully-loaded 1960 413 New Yorker fixer-upper for only $3200 (OBO).

Closeup of the (faux) rumble seat in Bill Morris’ wife’s Prowler.

Fender guitar winner,
Justin Strohschein of Wright Wyoming.

Make up your own caption for this
part of Mopar Action’s interactive feature.

Hemi Super Stock Reunion signs, were made by Sign past to commemorate this special 40th Anniversary. A few still may be available for purchase. Call 702-256-854 or email, for info.

Dodge’s first musclecar—the 1956 D500-1. Only 66 of these “Dash-Ones” were built for NASCAR and drag racing competition.

Parade of Nostalgia Super Stockers.

Lineup of legends—the movers and shakers that put Chrysler performance into the history books.


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