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The Tidewater Mopar Club was the heavy rollers at the Mega Mopar Action Mopar Madness at Virginia Motorsports Park. Instead of repeating the drivel from our pint publication about how Joe Blow put gas in his Road Runner and how Bill smith was all excited to attend the show, we’ll give you a pictorial of the photos we didn’t have room for in our print edition. Combine what was printed with what’s here and you might get a good idea of what went on (at least the stuff that’s printable). So here goes:

Jim Horzempa won Best of Show with his ’72 6.1 Hemi Satellite. We featured this car in a previous issue when it was owned by a different owner. Giles the grasshopper selected his car as his pick of the show, too. So he has good taste (at least for a grasshopper).

Whilst on the subject of yellow car with yellow signs that save our caption writer the trouble of writing captions, we present Ralph Emery’s modified ’06 Charger. You can read all the stuff Ralphie did to the car yourself.

We showed you the front of Bubba Carter’s 2001 PT Cruiser in our print edition. Now, here’s the back. Bubba won an award for the best pirates hand-painted on a car. Well, blow me down!

Nice to see some of the late-model Darts being modified. Rex Sigo put a lot of effort into this sign and also his 2014 Dart.

Like Dodge Rampages? Here’s a nice ’84 model owned by Judy and Gary Platz. They didn’t have a sign so we can’t give you all the details other than it’s red.

Like the smell of burning rubber? Light your computer on fire. We know, not the same, but close.

This ’73 340 Challenger with factory air was up for grabs for $12,900.

How ‘bout a nice roller?

“Jim’s” ’68 Hemi Road Runner was a display car and not for judging…

…unlike John Knapp’s ’69 Hemi Bee. John’s the second owner of this all-original 4-speed Super Track Pak car.

Another drag shot.

There was no sign as to who owned this gorgeous 1954 Plymouth wagon. A cool retro ride, for sure.

Tidewater Mopar Club president, Butch Hora. You can easily pick him out because he’s always throwing money around.

“Queen of Diamonds” jet car taken by TheBruntBros from the Mopar Action blimp.

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