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Daniel Fizer, Wenatchee, WA, 86, dodge, charger, 2.2

Long Time reader, loved the Ultimate Dyatona article (April 92). Myquestion is about the 2.0 and 2.2 water pumps. I have seen bare blockpictures and the water pump holes appear in the same location. Can they beinterchanged? I read a tech aricle saying between early and late model 2.2and 2.5 the water pump rotation changed direction. There are lots ofbenefits to this like saving weight, shorter belts, increased water flow,because it runs off the timing belt.

Last thing how different are the two blocks? I leave you by paying tributeto the deceased 2.2 R/T motor of the past which today is now being barelymatched by a AWD kangaroo and a 4.6L V8 yuckstang. Ten years have passed andthe rest of the world now plays catch up.

Dan, the tale of 2.2 evolution has lots of twists and turns. When the 2.5Lfirst came out, it was a tall-deck block, longer rods, etc. But after a fewyears, a “common block” version appeared. From that point on (1987?) allexternal parts interchange between the two engines. But even prior to that,the water pumps were the same.

The reverse-rotation water pump appeared, to the best of my recollection, in1990. But it did NOT run off the timing belt – it was driven off the BACK ofthe multi-vee alternator belt. Any gains seen by using this setup arerather small.

Megadittos on the Turbo III engine! My kid’s got a ’91 Spirit R/T, just afew very minor mods, street tires, daily driver. And it runs 13.3 at 108+all day long. On pump gas. And it gets close to 30 MPG!



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