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Robert felix, Brampton, MP 1970 DODGE DUSTER 340

Hi Rick, I’m having trouble with the clutch pedal notreturning properly.All the linkage has been rebuilt at a reputable localshop,the engine & tranny have just been rebuilt.The pedal goes down o.k. buti have to “toe it” back up to the released position. Is it possible that Imay have a “dead” spring?


This is normal if there’s more than one inch of free play at the pedal. It’snot a simple return spring, it’s an “over center” spring: it pulls the pedalup when near the top, but it pulls the pedal down beyond that point – toreduce effort.

Best guess: The free play simply needs to be adjusted.

Dodge Duster, Huh? Sister of the Plymouth Demon, I guess! And MoparPerformance rates their own state now, huh? Cool!



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