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mike priore, highland mills, NY. 71 plymouth barracuda 340

I am considering installing the mp .474 camshaft in my 71cuda 340. Is it absolutlely neccessary to degree this cam or can it beinstalled straight up without a problem? I am more interested in torque andbottom end and midrange than top end horsepower. Ive read that this cam ismild enough for good drivability and the stock valve springs can beused..the car is a 4 speed with 3.91 gears…any comments are greatlyappreciated….

Is is absolutely necessary to wear a condom to prevent conception?Same deal here. You can do the job halfass, or you can do it right. Unlessyou degree it, you’ll never know where it is. Might be spot-on, might be 5or 6 degrees advanced or retarded.



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