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Tim Walton, Port Mc neill, 67 plymouth barracuda 440

Hi , quick question, I purchased Yukon axles with 5 on 4.5bolt pattern, redrilled my hubs, bolted on and all is fine, except when Imove the car the wheels are torqued right up to the hub and axle and itwon’t move. What brake drum and backing plate and for what year do I need tosolve this problem, thanks, Tim Walton


I’m assuming we’re talking about an 8.75″ axle assemble here.

There’s no hubs on the rear of any Mopar from this (’65-up) era. The axleshave flanges so no hubs are needed. I can’t imagine…what did you redrill?

What did you set the wheel bearing endplay to? (Should be around0.004-0.008″). If there’s “less than zero” endplay, the axles would have adifficult time turning!

You must use any “big car” drums and backing plates, can be 10″ or 11″.Could be as early as ’65 Plymouth or as late as ’89 Diplomat. All parts,however, should be from the same car.



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