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Kenneth Goucher, Connellsville PA , 1972 Plymouth Valiant Scamp 225

My car currently has a 6-cylinder / 3-speed manual which Iplan to swap a 318 / A-833 combo into. I need to swap out the stock 7 1/4″rear for somthing beefier. Would a 8 1/4″ do or do I need to look theheavier and more expensive 8 3/4″. Thanks.


For this application, the 8.25″ would be sweet. Light, ample strength, andalready equipped with big bolt pattern and (usually) 10″ x 2.5″ brakes. Getone out of a ’73-76 A-body and it bolts right in!

The Feb. 2004 issue of M.A. (on sale: 11/04/2003) will have some cooldetails on how to make this easily obtainable axle even stronger.



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