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K. Newton, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada, 1972 Winnebago Brave 318

Just bought this beast. However it seems to me that it willbe a very underpowered machine. I am looking at a set of exhaust manifoldsand am interested as to your advise on them. I really want to stay away fromheaders unless they are dirt cheap or the alternative is crazy expensive. Iam also looking at a ebay Edelbrock Performer intake (dual plane). Last iwas thinking of a cheap dual system with some flowmasters and a set ofglasspacks as resonators. What’s your impression (beyond me needing a 360-will be coming as I can afford it and after the 318 goes to the happyhunting grounds).


I’d sure use a pair of 92-93 318 Magnum exhaust manifolds and, as youdescribe, some kind of locally built system.

Intake won’t do much.

Yeah, save your pennies (whoops, no more 1-cent coins in Canada, right?) fora complete 360 Magnum (with the SMPI!)



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