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T.J. Lewis, Great Bend, KS, 1974 Dodge dart swinger 318

I have a 74 Dodge Dart Swinger 318, Carter 2 bbl. I found a88 Diplomat Police package with a 318 and 360 heads with a 4 bbl Quadrajet.Is this a direct swap? Did they cut these heads factory to not lose thecompression? I also am looking a little more cam and was thinking a 420 lift270 duration. Is this a fit? I’m 15 yrs. old and this is my first project. Ihave help but they are Chevy nuts. Can you please advise?


There will be a small CR loss, but, overall, it is still a very good swap,total bolt-on. Cam sounds reasonable, too, depending on axle ratio andintended use, you might even want a bit more aggressive specs. With theQ-jet and some exhaust upgrades you should easily make 275-300 HP.

If the carb gives you headaches (it is, after all, a GM product) keep youreyes open for a clean early-70s T-Q.

If, instead, you were to score a pair of ’89-92 360 truck heads (#308castings), so much the better.

Chevy nuts are not “help”, and will be even less so after your blow theirdoors off!



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