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kenny tippetts, amite, LA, 1973 dodge demon 5.2

I have a 73 Demon clone – it started out as a Duster but Ilike the Demon look better. Anyway, I am putting a 5.2 Magnum with thesteering column and wiring harness from a ’98 truck so far it is goingtogether well. My question is that I have 2 automatic transmissions, bothwere attached to 5.9s, one came out of a 2000 Ram van 3500 the other is outof a 98 Ram truck 2500, which year of tranny is better? (Stronger,cheaper tobuild,more plentiful) or does it really matter. Your insight would be greatthanks, Mr Rick, I appreciate it.


They should both be 46REs, which are, basically, electronically-governed518s…and the 518 was a 727 with overdrive. The two are very close toidentical; if they have similar mileage, I’d use the 2000, after confirmingthat the wiring connectors are interchangeable.

Be sure to use a zero-balance converter and drive plate.



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