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Joel Salinas, Lafayette, IN, 65 Dodge Dart 4.5

I have a 65 Dart 270 vert that I am getting ready to haveback on the road. I have read your article Pumping it Down and have driven acar that has that pump modification applied to it. I love it it handlesgreat. My question is my pump does not seem to be the saginaw pump youmodified in your article. My pump looks slightly different. Do early A’shave different pumps? If so is it possible to mod them?

Joel Salinas


Saginaw pumps were phased in during the mid-late ’60s, quite a few Moparsstill had Federals into the early ’70s.

I’m sure there’s a way to do a similar mod to both the old TRW (Thompson)and the less-ancient F-M (Federal) pumps, but I haven’t science it out,mostly because the Saginaw pump is so far superior. I suggest a pump swap– brackets, hoses, and pulleys are widely available.



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