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chris, Algona , IA , 1965 Plymouth fury 318

How do you set valves on the 318 poly?

318 Polysphere Lash specs are 0.013 Intake, 0.021″ exhaust, hot.

All you need are a pair of new valve cover gaskets and a feeler gauge set.And about an hour.

I found a good treatise, a step-by-step procedure, at , which, incidentally, was not explained in theFSM — ‘back in the day’, every mechanic learned this on his first tune -up!This web page is for a Chevy, but Mopar’s firing order is the same, the onlydifference is the adjusting screw at the rocker tip vs. a center-pivotlocknut on the Chevy, but this has almost zero affect on the actualprocedure.

There’s also a real “shadetree” variation to this procedure, which works OKwith stock (read: mild) cams. Simply hook up a starter bump switch under thehood (or use the old screwdriver between the two uninsulated starter relayterminals trick). Do one side of the engine at a time. Start with the frontvalve on the front cylinder. Bump the starter just until you see the rockerstop moving, then one more quick bump. Adjust that valve’s lash, then repeatthe procedure with the other 7 on that side. Replace the cover, re-warm theengine, then repeat the whole deal on the opposite side.

I tried to find a video of this on Youtube, but they were all garbage. Oneactually showed a poor Mopar slob adjusting the lash with the enginerunning!



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