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Roger Rees, Beaverton, OR, 1985 Dodge D350 360

I’m building a replacement engine for my D350 truck basedupon a Mopar short block from the late 90’s that has provisions forhydraulic roller camshaft. I’m using the late model LA cylinder heads and Ipurchased the LA engine extruded Aluminum 1.6 ratio rockers. The truck willbe used to pull a lightweight 5th wheel and Comp Cams ground a custom camfor my application. Are the P4529692 durable enough for street use? ThePerformance Parts catalog labeled them as race rockers.


They might live on the street with a 0.390 lift cam and “Paper Mate” valvesprings, but no way do aluminum rockers, especially extruded, have thedurability for a performance street engine. Longevity? Dependability? Think:Ferrous metal!

If I were building a towing engine, I’d have Comp cook you up a cam for thestock 1.5:1 stampings. Until the lift gets over 0.500″, they are as good asit gets, durability-wise.

And, even though you didn’t ask, a ’93-up 360 Magnum, beer keg, SMPI andall, would sure be the way I’d go. Torque! MPG!



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