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Steve Feher, Rapid River, MI, 1970 Plymouth Duster 440

My car had drums in the front. I am installing discs. I have1976 Volare spindles & calipers.The calipers mount behind the upper balljoint. What is the proper caliper hose to use with this combo & does it gointo the top facing down on the frame bracket or into the bottom facing up.I have 1973 caliper hoses now.
Thanks for your help. Steve


There’s really no way to do this right with F-body knuckles – they aretaller, and trash the steering / suspension geometry.

If you insist on going ahead, the calipers should be front hung so the hosescross the steering axis. Alternately, you can move the frame bracket andextend the hard line.

The bleeder screws must always be at the top.



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