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mark foos, marion, OH, 1969 Plymouth Satellite 383

I have a 383 with usual modifications that hadn’t ran forsome time before I purchased it. After starting the oil pressure is good,but as the engine warms the pressure falls and knocks/taps if I drive it. Ifit idles pressure is low but makes no noise. Is my pump gone or on the vergeof going?


Only if you are very lucky. More likely — MUCH more likely — there’sexcessive clearance somewhere in the engine. Could be lifters or cambearings, but more likely is mains/rods.

The oil pump takes 5 minutes to change, so you may as well try that to crossit off the list. When that doesn’t help, the engine will need to come apart.I suspect it will need a total rebuild (spun bearing, scored crank, etc.)

For some short-term use, use SAE 40 or 50 oil and STP or Motor Honey (thethick glop). And start saving you pennies for another engine or a totaloverhaul.

Now you know why the seller dumped it.

Good luck. (You’ll need it).



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