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michael adair, rancho cordova, CA, 1971 plymouth roadrunner 440-6

I want to replace the 50 amp alternator currently in the carto a 100 amp alternator, also I will replace the voltage regulator as it isdefective. I recently put AutoMeter gauges in the car and the electricalautomotive technician wiring the car said my wiring was in excellentcondition. I am doing this because of the demand being placed on theexisting electrical system with the external electrical cooling fan whichdraws up to 24 add’l amps when turned on high and a futute stereo upgrade.Do you foresee a problem with this up grade and/or how shall I prodeed withthis project, and, question #2, I want to upgrade my stock coil to one thatputs out 40,000 volts for better spark, good idea or not?


If you do this, you need to replace the ammeter with a voltmeter, increaseall charging system witing to much heavier gauge – something on the order of#8 to 10 AWG, and bypass the bulkhead (firewall) connector.

As a general rule, I recommend against installing high-current alternatorsunless there’s a true need. And even then, only 5-10A. larger capacity thanthe sum of all potential loads.

As far as ignition systems (coils, ECUs, etc), the rule of thumb is this: ifthere is no misfiring now, any upgrade is just money flushed down.



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