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Paul Rummage , Pendleton , SC, 1971 Plymouth Duster 340

My 1971 Plymouth Duster has 4 wheel power drum brakes.Between the power brake assembly and the tandem master cylinder there is anadjustable rod to transmit force from the brake pedal to the master cylinder(I assume) in the case of booster failure. My brakes work but do not havepower assist. How is the rod adjusted to ensure this is not part of thenon-power booster problem?


In a nutshell, it is NOT the problem. This should not need adjustment forthe life of the car (or booster!) The forward tip of the adjustable pushrodshould have anything from 0.020″ clearance to just barely zero to the M/cylprimary piston recess.

If there’s vacuum at the hose, the booster is shot. End of story.



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