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Nate Steiner, Boise, ID, 1965 Dart GT 323

Rick, Thinking about heads for “The Thinking Mans Dart”. Mycores are “302” late LA castings. I plan to rebuild with larger valves, andhave a question. Can Magnum pattern valves and springs be readily adaptedto LA heads? Are the overall lengths similar? Spring heights? Key partnumbers? I’m using early LA adjustable rockers. My idea is a larger valveset that is lighter and reasonably priced. So, why not just use Magnumheads? I want the engine to look 1965 Hi-po 273 correct. I’ll even paintmy pristine LD4B intake red. Oh, and I already have a set of 302’s.



n a word, no. The stems are much smaller (roughly 5/16″)

If you must stay with LA castings, get 308s.

But…My plan would be:

360 magnum (complete), with EQ heads with LA bolt pattern. A little grindingand 5-bolt 273-4 v’covers look fine. Tall gears, which the 3.58″ strokeloves. Faster, torquier, more economical!



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