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Shawn, PA, 1968 Charger R/T 440

can my old .060″, 12.5:1 forged pistons be used in a 76 440?I know the Mopar manuals state .020-.030 but I have seen information thatsuggests are no thinner than earlier blocks(if I remember you might be whereI read this). i am donating these for an old 68 Charger dirt race carrestoration. This car will probably make some laps at the local tracks andfrom what I hear it will probably be sideways running hard. Are we safe orwhat would you suggest? Thanks for your time your magazine is by far thebest out there.

Correct, all supposedly had same cores. You won’t hit water! But I’d suresonic test (for core shift) before going that big. Thin walls = flex =blowby = reduced power.

’66 or ’78: If it really needs 0.060″ to clean up, I’d suggest findinganother block.

I assume these are the old TRWs, man, they weighed a ton — that’s tough onthe bottom end.



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