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Rory Groom, Silverton, OR, 1975 Dodge w200 Power Wagon 360

I am about to drop a 1966 440 from a Chrysler 300 in my 75Dodge Power Wagon which is currently a 360. I was wondering if all of theelectrical connections are going to be right for the bigger engine? Isthere anything that I will have to change for this 440 to run properly inthis truck?

Thanks so much for providing such a valuable resource for us do ityourselfers! Very much appreciated!


Other than the usual cooling, exhaust, mount, transmission issues, it shouldbe straightforward. Assuming you’ll use a stock mid-’70s 440 electronicdist., the electricals will be a cinch. You’ll also want to swap to a ’70-upisolated-field alternator; if your ’75 has the same style alt., that shouldwork.

Overall, this swap is of questionable merit though. The 1966 440 was highcompression (requiring today’s pump 93 plus some octane booster or a dollopof race gas), doesn’t have hardened exhaust seats (meaning the exhaustvalves will pound in pretty quickly), and has a very mild cam and the worstheads ever put on a 440 (which might be fine for true for truck uses, EG:towing, plowing, schlepping, etc.)



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