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chris linton, evergreen, TX, 70 Dodge D100 318

I was reading your June 2013 issue about wheel cylinders andmy truck has 1 1/8″ bore in the front and 15/16 in the rear. What sizeswould you suggest to help it stop better, they are the same size wheelcylinders as a C-body? The wife wants to drive it to and I’m afraid shewill run someone over and destroy my baby.
Thanks, Chris

This is really trial and error, but I think 7/8″ would be a good startingpoint.

Pickups are always a “moving target”, since the weight distribution changesso drastically loaded / unloaded. This is why height-sensing prop valves,then RWAL, were invented.

Nice that you’re worrying about your baby, but what about the poor suckershe’ll make into a speed bump?



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