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Mike Skinner, Bentley, AB, Canada, 1972 Dodge Demon 340

Hi, I am looking at purchasing an unknown year (’73 or ’74,I haven’t seen the car yet) 4 speed Dart. The owner tells me there is a9.25″ diff with 4.88 gears on the car but the only information I have foundsays only later B and C body cars came with this. He is unable to find anycasting numbers. Did any A-Bodies come with this rearend? Any help isgreatly appreciated!

Mike, in a word, no. ’73-up A-bodies came with either the 7.25″ or 8.25″axles – and nothing else.

However, nowhere is it written that a narrowed 9.25″ axle couldn’t havefound it’s way in there. With a serious mill up front, that would be apretty cool swap.

But my money’s on a misidentified 8.25″.



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