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Mark Mittelstaedt, Kernersville, NC, 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440

I’m getting ready to send off an order to Summit for a new EdelbrockThunder series AVS (800 cfm w/ electric choke) because I’m tired of fightingmy original AVS’s driveability problems and I need to get this car fixedquick. I originally had an open centered heat insulating gasket (about 1/4″thick) under the original carb, mostly for the purpose of clearing the chokehousing which is a modified 6-pack choke because the correct choke was notavailable when I restored the car. Since the Edelbrock comes with anelectric choke, I now have the option of just bolting the carb to themanifold with only a paper gasket. Is this the best option for performanceand driveability? Or should I put a new heat insulator under there again(the old one is shot)? Open center? 4-hole?? I can’t go more than 1/4″without hood clearance issues. The car is a nearly stock 440/auto/3.23Charger used entirely for street cruising. The ONLY mod is a MP 284/284.480/.480 “Hemi grind replacement” cam.

Thanks for a quick response so I can get this thing back on the road,
Mark Mittelstaedt

Mark, normally an open spacer promotes high-RPM horsepower (by increasingthe plenum volume) at the expense of driveability and throttle response. But1/4″ doesn’t amout to a hill of beans, and with today’s withches-brewvapor-lock-prone gasoline, keeping the carb cool is important. So any heatinsulator is a good idea, based on your combo, go 4-hole if you can, if not,open’s OK.



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